The UK Community Radio Network has launched our supporters scheme.

For 2024 it's £50 and is open to anyone to support us and our work, Ofcom licenced Community Radio stations, other Ofcom stations, individuals, not-for-profit organisations or companies, we welcome everyone's support.

For Ofcom licenced radio stations, our supporter scheme also enables access to RadioPlayer for FREE!

Why support us? We've already done so much for the sector (see details here) and we have ambitious plans over the next 12 months to continue what we do, but we need support to help cover costs, but also via our supporter scheme we are looking at add value with discounts and other offers coming soon. Your support would mean so much, and hopefully you can be proud to say you're a supporter!

Complete the registration form below to become a supporter.

The UK Community Radio Network is a registered Community Interest Company | Company Number: 13700623

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